Bringing your intent of personal healing to fruition.

If you are here, it is likely because you have intended to find healing and balance. Like the full moon energy, luna llena wellness is here to help you remove dense, stored up energy from the body, mind and soul. 




I hold a strong belief in the connection of the body, mind and soul and my intention is to help balance, nurture and cultivate that connection with each one of my clients and students. I have studied various different eastern and western techniques and am also certified and working as a yoga instructor and Reiki Master. I use all of my education, training, and experience to create customized sessions integrating a combination of various different therapeutic massage techniques. My own personal life's traumas, experiences, loss and pain have given me a deep empathy and understanding for all individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. My passion and heart go into all that I do and i feel truly blessed for each individual i am privileged to work with. 

Sasha Barrientos



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